Hare St Gallery

Opening Day
Hare St Gallery

Hare St Gallery Co-op welcomes enquiries for new members. Send us an email using the Contact Us form on the menu bar above and we will send you an application form.

You need to be a BMCAC member to join. You can join using the Join or Renew tab on the Home page.

Our newly opened co-operative gallery where BMCAC members can showcase and sell their work.

Presently with a membership of various local artists and potters, Hare St Gallery is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

We welcome new members to our co operative. If you are a maker or artist please get in touch for an application form.

The gallery is a bespoke building, the yellow yurt, tastefully decorated and beautifully presented.

It holds quality pottery, jewellery, and fine art. A great place to go for that special gift or treat.

Please visit us!

Our present co-op members:

Ingrid Russell   instagram

Bronwyn Campbell

Alison James - instagram

Gus Carrozza

Andrea Ketterling

Joy Myres Creed


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