COVID Policy Update for return to classes and groups.

BMCAC Return to Teaching 2021 Policy:

Road map out of the June 26th Lockdown

The NSW Government has released its road map out of lockdown and have set clear guidelines that must be followed by businesses in order to be able to re-open their doors.

Following these guidelines BMCAC will be returning to teaching classes from the 25th of October 2021 (unless we are able to open earlier).

There will be a number of requirements for this to be able to occur. The following will inform BMCAC policy and will be expected to be adhered to by all teaching staff and students attending the Centre.


• From October 11 fully vaccinated teaching staff and group/workshop facilitators will be able to enter BMCAC premises. This is in line with the policy of  NSW Health and Department of Education. Proof of vaccination will be required.
•Fully vaccinated adult students and members will to be able to enter the premises and will need to provide proof of vaccination to the coordinator.
Children will not be expected to be vaccinated unless it has been or becomes a NSW PublicHealth order requirement or a NSW Department of Education requirement.
Any teacher or student that has a medical exemption must show proof of exemption.


Masks will need to be worn indoors by all teachers and students from 12yrs of age onwards. This will be required until the NSW Public Health order no longer requires them to be worn indoors.


Teachers and students will be expected to adhere to Covid-19 hygiene standards as far as hand  sanitiser/hand washing and not coming to a class if they are sick.
Teachers and students will be expected to provide a negative Covid test/or doctors certificate upon returning to class if they were absent due to illness.

Social Distancing

All teachers and students will need to maintain a 1.5m distance between each other.
The Centre capacity will be 1person per 4sqm until otherwise changed under the NSW Public Heath order.

LGA Areas of Concern

Teachers or students who live in an LGA area of concernwill NOT be permitted to attend the Centre.

This policy will be subject to change as guidelines from the NSW government and NSW Department of Education update their own policies in keeping with the ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The BMCAC Committee thanks you for your understanding as we continue to do our best in providing a Covid-19 safe environment for all of teaching staff and students.

Groups and Workshops

All participants in drop in groupsand drop in accessas well as workshops will also be expected to follow the  above guidelines.

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